Taylor’s Enchanted Forest Wedding

New photos from Taylor’s enchanted forest wedding! This was such a fun project and such a great mom and daughter duo. Taylor’s mother brought her wedding dress¬†to me and we restyled it Taylor’s modern-day dream wedding. The dress was in a very good condition so I was able to remove the sleeves, collar, create a new front & back neckline, level out the hem, add a lining, and fit the bodice to Taylor’s measurements. Love the photos, congratulations!

Kelly’s Wedding Gown Alterations

Kelly came to me after purchasing her beautiful gown for some very needed detailed alterations. I took up the many layered hems, then applied the beaded scallop hem by machine. I took in the lace, beaded side seams so it showed off the dress’ mermaid silhouette. I restructured, restyled, and shortened the back straps. Instead of having the given ribbon belt just tied, I created a flat bow that snapped at back waist so the bow would appear perfect each time. Finally, I created a three point French bustle that let Kelly dance all evening.

For her mom’s lace dress I created front french darts and back princess darts to show off her waist. I also leveled her hem so she could join Kelly on the dance floor.

Congrats Kelly!

Marybethe’s Nantucket Winter Wedding

Marybethe had her dream winter wedding in Nantucket. It was a family affair of dress alterations. For the bride, I took in her illusion beaded bodice, shortened her many layer hem, and created a sculpture like bustle for ample dancing. For her daughter’s dress, I created a custom plaid floor length bow that snapped in place. Marybethe’s sister was in need of a few simple dress alterations to finish off the starry night evening! Photos by www.runawaybridenantucket.com.

Naomi’s Wedding Day- Alterations

Naomi came to me with a purchased dress that needed a few alterations for her big day. I took in the sides to increase her beautiful hour glass shape, hemmed the many layers, bustled the train, added lace appliques to hide her zipper, and created a modern veil from her mother’s veil. These photos show off a beautiful bride and beautiful person having a fantastic day with friends and family. Congrats Naomi!
Photo credit: www.scottzphotography.com

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